Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comparisons of Verizon to AT&T Service Plans

The iPhone and Android software are available through Verizon and AT&T.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are the top two cell phone service providers in the nation as of 2011, according to Top Ten Reviews. When evaluating plans, phones and features, cost and customer service, Top Ten Reviews places Verizon over AT&T, mostly due to higher quality customer support. The prices of each company's plans are fairly similar with differences arising in coverage and data package prices.


Verizon and AT&T have coverage in all large metropolitan cities. AT&T tends to have more coverage in rural areas, such as western Texas, northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Verizon has more coverage in Alaska and the Midwest, due to its merger with Alltell, than AT&T. Verizon's 4G LTE coverage is small and only in densely populated areas as of June 2011. AT&T has more 4G data coverage throughout the nation than Verizon.

AT&T's Voice Plans

AT&T offers three types of individual voice plans: Nation Plans, Nation with Canada Plans and a Senior Plan. The Nation Plans all include 5,000 night and weekend minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling and rollover minutes. The plans are $40 for 450 minutes, $60 for 900 minutes and an unlimited plan for $70. The Nation with Canada Plans all include rollover minutes, 1,000 night and weekend minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile. The plans start at 450 minutes for $60 up to 6,000 minutes for $220. The Senior Plan with AT&T is intended for those over 65, offering 200 minutes for $30, which includes 500 night and weekend minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile. AT&T's family plans range from 550 minutes for a maximum of three lines for $60 to unlimited minutes with a maximum of five lines for $120. The Nation with Canada Plans start at 700 minutes for a maximum of five lines for $90 up to 6,000 minutes for a maximum of five lines for $320. Additional lines are $10 for all family plans, except the unlimited plan, which is $50 per extra line.

Verizon's Voice Plans

Verizon's individual talk plans include unlimited calling to Verizon customers, unlimited night and weekend minutes and no roaming charges. The plans are 450 minutes for $40 per month, 900 minutes for $60 per month and unlimited for $70 per month, which are the same prices as AT&T offers. Verizon allows you unlimited text on an individual plan for $20 extra per plan. Verizon's family plans include two lines, with any additional line being $10, similar to AT&T. The smallest plan is 700 minutes for $70 up to unlimited for $120, exactly the same at AT&T. Adding unlimited text to any family plan increases the overall price by $30.

Data Plans

AT&T's data plan, called DataConnect, offers 3GB for $35 and 5GB of data transfer for $60. This includes access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots around the nation. Its 4G plan is $50 for 5GB of data transfer. Verizon's data packages are $30 per month for 3G and 4G with unlimited data transfer. If you do not have a smartphone, data is $10 per month with 75MB allowance or pay per use at $2 per MB. Verizon offers more data transfer for less money than AT&T.


AT&T offers 1,000 messages, including text, picture, video and instant messaging, for $10 a month. The unlimited plan with mobile to any mobile is $20 a month. The family unlimited messaging with mobile to any mobile calling is $30 per month. Verizon's text bundles are 250 text, picture, video or voice for $5 per month per line, 500 messages plus unlimited mobile to mobile texting for $10 per month per line and 5,000 messages with unlimited mobile to mobile texting for $20 per month per line.


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