Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help With iPhone Calendar Applications

Updating your iPhone and computer software should eliminate calendar sync issues.

The iPhone's built-in calendar application syncs your events from one or more email accounts that have calendar applications, such as Gmail or MobileMe. You can also download calendar apps with different features to get the date-related information you need on your iPhone, such as class schedules or group calendars.

Setting up Your Calendar

To use the calendar application that comes with your iPhone, you will need to allow it to interact with a calendar attached to your MobileMe email or other email account. Tap the "Settings" icon and select "Email, Contacts, Calendars." Choose the email account that has an associated calendar and enter your username and password if it is not already set up. Once the account is communicating with your iPhone, tap the account name and make sure the switch next to "Calendars" says "On."

Using the Calendar App

Access your calendar by tapping the Calendar icon on your home screen, and then add an event by tapping the plus icon in the upper right corner. Use the buttons at the bottom to chance between month or day view or a simple list of upcoming events. Navigate forward or backward on the calendar using the arrow icons, and then tap the "Today" button to return to the current day's view. Tap the "Calendars" button at the top to view which calendars you have imported to your iPhone and select which ones to view. You cannot add a new calendar through the phone interface if you want multiple calendars. Instead, launch your email account on your computer and use the full computer interface to add a new calendar, following the instructions provided by your email service provider. Once new calendars are added to your account, they will appear on your iPhone as well. If they do not, try switching the calendar off, and then back on, in the iPhone settings.


Syncing problems may occur with the Calendar app when your software is not up to date, either on your iPhone or on the computer you use to sync the device. Update your iPhone software to the current version, and then update to the latest version of the operating system for your computer. This does not mean you need to purchase a new operating system; simply visit the Apple or Windows website, depending on your computer type, and make sure you have downloaded any updates for the system version you currently run (Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard for Mac and XP, Vista or 7 for Windows). Download the latest version of iTunes and the latest MobileMe Control Panel onto your computer as well. After everything is up to date, re-sync your phone with the computer using a USB cable. Your calendars should work properly after the sync is complete.

Additional Calendar Apps

The App Store features many specialized calendar apps, including calendars for various cultures, holiday or special event countdowns and planning calendars that offer more or different features compared to the native application. Look for calendar applications that receive high customer satisfaction ratings in the App Store before downloading. If you have trouble or need help with these applications, return to the app's page on the app store and look for the company website on the app page. Enter the site address into a web browser and search for a "Support" section on the site to find help. You can also tap the "Report a problem" button in the App Store if you think your trouble with the calendar results from a programming bug. Follow the onscreen instructions to report your issue with the app.


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