Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iPhone Apps to Track Personal Medical Information

You can use iPhone apps to promote fitness.

The iPhone is an excellent tool for fitness. You can use iPhone apps to find out about the best workouts for various muscle groups, learn yoga poses, track your runs or bike rides or support and track weight loss. The iPhone has many useful apps that can help you start and maintain a fitness plan. 


Fitness apps such as the popular iFitness list exercises by muscle group, including abdominals, arms, back and chest. If you choose abdominals, for example, iFitness shows you various exercises you can do, whether crunches on a fitness ball or bicycle kicks done on a mat. You can add custom exercises or add exercises to a workout list. You can also find routines including an abdominal defining program and a weight loss program. You can log your workouts and also monitor your weight and body measurements.

Yoga Apps

For beginners, get Yoga at Home: Learn Beginner Yoga. With that app, you can watch videos of the basic yoga poses. 101 Yoga Poses is a another great reference. Yoga STRETCH features a virtual yoga teacher who demonstrates how to do poses. The Yoga Journal iPractice app offers 15 yoga routines with audio or text instructions. Office Yoga gives you some yoga stretches you can do at your desk.

Running Apps

iMapMyRun lets you track your running pace, distance and route using GPS. You can see your friends' runs as well, which can be very motivating. iMapMyRide tracks your bicycle ride and its duration, distance, speed, pace and elevation. You can record your workout history.

Weight Loss

An app such as Lose It! lets you easily track your weight. You can track calories and exercise and set goals.


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