Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top Ten Apps for an iPod

Wirelessly download millions of applications directly to the iPod touch.

Only the iPod touch is capable of downloading and installing applications from the iTunes Store. The store is full of more than 300,000 games and apps. You are sure to find a number of enjoyable or useful applications for the iPod, but these top ten apps garner the most recognition as of February, 2011.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most talked about mobile games in history. The premise: you shoot colorful birds from a sling-shot into green pigs that take cover under different structures.

Plants vs. Zombies

In Plants vs. Zombies you defend the house with different types of plants against an army of zombies. The zombies come in waves, so you must frantically tap your fingers to fend off attack.


Facebook is not only the most popular social network, it's a mobile platform too. With the Facebook app you can snap photos and upload them to your wall, post new status updates on the go and keep connected by seeing what you're friends and family are doing.


If you're professionally inclined, check out the LinkedIn app to keep in touch with your business contacts. This sophisticated app provides all the perks the online site is known for, including the ability to send messages, invites and view member profiles.


Download great fitness apps to the iPod touch that enhance your workouts and track progress. The DailyBurn app gives you the ability to conveniently track weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals from the device.


Get and stay healthy with the Nike BOOM app. You can sync the iPod music library to create dynamic workouts. When you pull up the application you choose your sport, type of training, how many intervals and length of workout. Then start sweating.


With the iPod touch you're not confined to the songs in your music library. The Pandora app lets you choose a favorite song or artist from the site's extensive database and then builds a customized radio station of similar music. You can use a preexisting Pandora online account or create a new one in less than a minute.

If you ever want to know the name of that new song on the radio, use the SoundHound app. It records a short clip of the song and then analyzes it. Within 30 seconds you'll know the title, artist and album the song appears on.
eBay Mobile

If you like shopping, then the iPod touch has hundreds of apps to help you find what you want. The eBay Mobile app is a great way to find the things you need on the world's largest auction site. You can search, bid and buy items directly from the iPod without ever pulling up a browser.

Gilt on the Go

For men and women who love their fashion, then the Gilt on the Go app is a must. You can search for sale items with the free application, make purchases and share products with friends on Twitter, Facebook or via email.


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