Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Are PDAs & Smartphones?

Modern smartphones have functionality that's closer to a laptop than a traditional cell phone.

Much like computer technology, smartphone technology has improved exponentially in the past few years. Standard cell phones are usually limited to doing basic tasks like calling and SMS messaging, but smartphones are capable of doinng much more for you.
Internet Browsing
Smartphones on all of the major carriers come with browsers that let you use the Internet over a 3G data connection. These browsers can vary in performance -- the Apple iPhone lacks support for Adobe Flash, for instance -- but they all largely duplicate the functionality one might find on a desktop computer.
HD Cameras

High-performance cameras come with most modern smartphones. These don't usually produce photos and video on par with professional grade cameras, but with an average of five to eight megapixels, they can produce solid-quality HD videos and images for everyday use.
GPS Directions

GPS receivers are commonly installed into many smartphones. When used in conjunction with a GPS program, they can turn your phone into a GPS location unit. Many carriers have navigation applications -- Google Maps and Verizon VZW, for example -- that come pre-installed.
Media Streaming
App selection can vary, depending on your smartphone's catalog, but most major carriers feature dedicated apps for several multimedia services. These can range from carrier-exclusive sports content to YouTube and podcast aggregators. These apps stream content from the Internet onto your phone.


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