Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What are Some Good Apps for the iPhone?

A wide variety of available applications make the iPhone a highly useful device.

iPhones are multimedia and Internet-equipped smartphones designed and manufactured by Apple. The touchscreen-controlled device is capable of downloading and running software applications -- known as "apps" -- from the iTunes App Store. With more than 300,000 games and applications readily available from the App Store, the iPhone's functionality can be substantially increased at little cost.

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop services allow you to view and operate your computer from a remote location with access provided through a secure Internet connection. A variety of remote desktop apps offered for the iPhone include such features as full keyboard support, access to multiple monitors, and use of all mouse functions. "Ignition" is an iPhone app that's compatible with LogMeIn, an Internet remote desktop service. "TeamViewer" is similar to LogMeIn, while apps such as JumiMouse and Air Mouse Pro turn the iPhone into a remote-control device that works in conjunction with a desktop computer.


Instant messaging apps aim to replace standard cell phone SMS text messaging on the iPhone, and typically include free worldwide delivery. These text-based chat services include features such as group conversations, the ability to send photos and audio clips directly through the messenger system, and broadcasting of the iPhone's current GPS location. Apps such as WhatsApp Messenger and Kik Messenger offer a notification system that notifies you when your message is delivered and when it's been read by the recipient. Skype, Pushme and MSN Live Messenger Pro provide access to their Internet messaging services through dedicated iPhone apps.

Word Processing

Because the iPhone provides a QWERTY keyboard via its touchscreen, it's suitably equipped to perform word-processing tasks on-the-go. Many apps are available that can facilitate the creation and editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Documents To Go and Quickoffice Connect offer full compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and include two-way desktop synchronization of files. Services such as Google Docs and GlideOS allow access to online Office files directly through the iPhone's web browser.


The iPhone can play several audio and video formats through its built-in iPod app. These formats are limited to MP3 and AAC for audio, and MP4 files for video. These are the native formats for any multimedia content downloaded from iTunes. Third-party apps such as OPlayer and AVPlayer allow the iPhone to use a much wider range of digital audio and video files, including AVI, WMV, FLAC, MPG, OGG and many others. These alternative file formats can still be synchronized with a computer through the iTunes files sharing facility.


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