Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Load Songs From My PC Hard Drive to My iPod

Transfer your music from your hard drive to your iPod through iTunes.

Before you fill your iPod with your favorite music, you must get this music onto your computer. You can do this by ripping it from CDs or by purchasing it through an online music store such as the iTunes store. Once you have your music on your PC hard drive, most of the difficult work is done. From this point, you can load your songs to your iPod in a few minutes. After that, you can slip your iPod into your pocket and enjoy your music anywhere.

Step 1

Open iTunes on the computer containing the music you wish to transfer to your iPod. Click "File," then "Add Folder to Library." This opens an "Add to Library" window where you can navigate through your computer.

Step 2

Find the music on your hard drive that you wish to transfer to your iPod in the "Add to Library" window. Click on the folder of music, then click "Select Folder." This adds the music to your iTunes library. Depending on how much music you are adding, this process may take a few minutes. If your music is in several places on your hard drive, repeat this process until you have added all of it to your iTunes library.

Step 3

Plug your iPod into your computer. This initiates the sync process, in which iTunes makes the content on your iPod match what is in its library. In this case, that involves transferring the music you imported from your hard drive onto your iPod. Again, this process may take a while depending upon how much music you are syncing to your iPod.

Step 4

Eject the iPod using the icon on the left menu when the sync process is complete, then disconnect your iPod. The music from your hard drive is now on your iPod.


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