Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iPod Apps That Help With Daily Routines

The iPod touch does much more than play music.

Though apps are not available on the iPod classic, nano or shuffle, the iPod touch offers the same app-based interface as the iPhone, allowing users to install apps of their choice from the hundreds of thousands of apps available on iTunes. These apps can perform a wide variety of functions, from organizing your schedule to keep tracking of your finances.


Keeping track of everything that's going on in your hectic life can be a challenge, but many apps on the iPod touch can make it easier. The touch comes standard with a notepad, which is handy for a grocery list or a things-to-do memo, and a calendar, in which you can set alarms for events and keep track of multiple schedules at once. It also comes with a voice recorder that you can use to make audio memos and a contact folder where you can store the information about people you know. For additional organization, you can also download organizational apps for note-taking, grocery lists and contact storage; some commonly used productivity apps include "Remember the Milk," "Evernote," "Checklist" and "PhoneBook."


Many people find it hard to stay motivated to exercise every day, especially when they cannot track their progress. You may already use your iPod to listen to music while you exercise, but you can also use it as a trainer, a motivator and a way to check yourself. Some apps, such as the Nike Training Club, can count the number of footsteps you take on a walk, the number of miles you rode on a bike or the number of calories you burned, letting you know how far you're actually pushing yourself. Others, such as "Couch to 5K" and "Men's Health Fitness," can create a workout tailored to your goals and personal strengths or send you reminders to encourage you to stick with your fitness plan.

Cooking and Dining

Whether you love spending hours in the kitchen or would rather order a pizza every night, the iPod offers many apps that can help make cooking (or eating out) much easier. Several apps contain a vast collection of recipes with which you can search by cuisine, prep time or even by the ingredients you have on hand. You can also download apps with dictionaries of kitchen terminology, cooking technique demonstrations and automatic measurement conversion. If you prefer to eat out, you can use an app to find a restaurant that suits your mood or make a reservation. Some restaurants even have apps that let you order what you want right from your phone.


Different jobs require different routines, but the iPod provides a variety of apps to help with work. With only the basic iPod apps you can keep track of business contacts, send emails, video chat with clients, write memos and record dictations. Downloadable apps allow you to track packages, keep track of your passwords and security information, create project time-sheets, watch the stock market, stay on top of the news, hold e-books for research, print business documents and even create presentations that you can display on a projector and remotely control through your iPod. They can also let you know the traffic conditions, be a sophisticated sleep-cycle alarm clock, find the closest coffee shop or give your mind a game break.


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