Saturday, June 2, 2012

Intel laptop from Aircraft design

Intel laptop
Intel laptop

The technicians at Intel to apply lessons learned from aircraft design to create a more solid laptop. This step is carried out as part of efforts to cut the price of ultra-thin laptops.

After read Reuters, Intel relies ultrabook to anticipate the popularity of Apple's iPad. Models are expected to slide later 2012 will have a large touch screen, instant on capability and thinness as a razor.

The technicians at Intel Dupont, Wshington R & D Center, has discovered a design method that makes the plastic casing on the laptop can be as strong as metal. Borrowing the product design methods used aircraft industry, the engineers discovered that the hard drive, motherboard and other components can be made ​​with a specific arrangement.

Head of the technician team, Ben Broili argued that such a move might cut the cost of future ultrabook approximately USD25 to USD75. Because the method allows the replacement of metal with plastic without sacrificing quality.

"We do not develop new material. We were able to use the existing plastic manufacturing technologies that already exist. It just requires more thought about how you put the system and how to align and bind it," says Broili.

Their work is an example of Intel's steps to figure out how to make future ultrabook prices become more affordable, without cutting the price of the processor.

At a meeting with analysts last month, Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini says the future laptop may present with prices starting at USD699. But is expected to set their prices much closer to USD1.000.


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