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Alley Gator

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Alley Gator by Glu Mobile - $0.99
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Alley Gator is more of a casual game, which is something Glu Mobile have steered away from in their past few releases. This is a game that is extremely simple to pick up and play for only 2 or 3 minutes if you really want to. This is a game that I have played very basic versions of before on the pc, usually as a dodgy flash game. I haven't seen any of these titles on the App Store before Alley Gator, but after playing this game it seems like a perfect match to the accelerometer.

For those who still can't tell what this game is from my cryptic clues Alley Gator is a tunnel-sliding game where you must tilt your way through sewers avoiding items that get in your way. What makes Alley Gator so much fun is that it looks absolutely beautiful with crisp, bright graphics. Glu Mobile has also priced this game very cheaply so it should appeal to the casual gamer. If there was anything I feel might be lacking in this game is a bit of variety in the game. I'll talk more about that later though.


This is actually a super amazing looking game. When taking a look at the screenshots you can just tell that this game is pretty special. There are six different environments that your cute little Alligator has to work his way through, each with a distinct theme like being covered in grafitti or all iced over from a cold winter in New York. With plenty of objects in your way, this game looks stunning in it's full 3D on any device.

Alley Gator-2

Now the game is nothing like it looks in the screenshots. As you are hurtling down the various sewers the game is extremely fast paced. Especially in later levels you have no idea where you are going, often having a split second to veer away from an object hiding on a corner. The effects while going at a high speed work well, with the blurring of the screen much like what happens in the Need for Speed games. The game manages to keep it's great appeal and still looks fantastic. If there is anything you learn from this game, it's that Glu make their games look damn good.


This is such a simple game to pick up and play with excellent use of the accelerometer to play what was previously controlled by arrows on a keyboard. When you think about it this is actually the perfect title for the iPhone and I can't believe I haven't seen a title of this genre before on the App Store (There may be one that I have missed. If so please let me know in the comments section). This is a very hand-off title as there is little to actually do in the way of on screen buttons.

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To play this game you must tilt the device left or right to move your way around the sewer pipes. A small tilt to one side will keep you spinning around until you center your device. The games camera will rotate with you so there is no need to actually move your head as Alley Gator is always on the bottom of the screen, just the pipe moves. If you feel like braking because you can't control where you are going just tap and hold on the screen to slow down Alley Gator. Running into objects will slow you right down so you will lose time.


Alley Gator is a very simple game to play, tilt your way out of the sewer before the time runs out so you can save your Alligator from being stuck in the dreaded sewer. Apart from being very cute this game will challenge your reflexes as you hurtle around this pipe in a way that could quite possibly make you sick if using an iPad.

Alley Gator-4

There are 25 levels to complete, each gradually getting harder than the last to complete. As you progress more obstacles will appear in your way, often with a smaller gap for you to pass by it, the levels will get longer and it’s more of a struggle to make it through without picking up a heap of power-ups. The thing that is lacking in this game is a bit of variety as there is only one game mode which can get dry towards the end of the game.

Alley Gator-5

If you enjoy what is available and the genre as a whole then this is definitely the best I have played on any platform. Alley Gator has multiple power-ups to help you on your quest to get away from the sewer. Collecting a clock will freeze the time clock for a short amount of time. Collecting a potion will turn you into a huge alligator that is invincible to all objects in its path for a limited amount of time. And don’t forget the peppers! These are vital if you want to have a ‘perfect run’ by collecting all 3 and finishing the level in the required time.

This isn’t a game that is too overly difficult for a relatively casual gamer to complete and it will only take about an hour to finish. This isn’t the type of game to finish in one sitting though, you will probably get one or two levels finished per play as that’s the type of game this was designed to be.


The overall gaming experience in Alley Gator is fun and great for a casual play. Everything has come together in sync for a fun experience. Excellent graphics, easy to use controls, excellent use of the camera rotation and a fun gaming experience. This is one of the more involving $0.99 games you will come across on the App Store. This is a game that can run on any device, be played by anyone who knows how to move an iPhone left or right and be loved by people who have a strong interest in cute alligators.

For $0.99 you can’t even go wrong with this game. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy this game then you have just bought two soft serves in the form of some brilliant eye candy to show off to your friends. This is really a casual game for anyone and everyone.

Gameplay- 7/10
Graphics- 9/10
Controls- 9/10
Overall- 8/10
I would recommend this game if you enjoyed- iTunnel 3D


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