Saturday, November 26, 2011

7 must visit sites for blogging tips

A lot of people do blogging today. According to a study about 175000 blogs are created everyday.So its very difficult to make your blog stand alone in this huge world of world wide web. You must have good knowledge on how to guide your blog to success. So I decided to mention some sites that will step by step guide you how to proceed with your blog. is the father of all blogging tips blogs. You will find everything you need to know about blogging.A lot to learn from this blog for newbies as well as pros. A lot of handy tips and tools. A very nice site. You will get useful tips on how to use social media to bring traffic. How SEO work? How you can optimize your site for search engines. You will get to know affiliate marketing in depth. This blog is updated daily with new tips. A lot to learn. must visit site for all newbies.It is my favorite. You will get beautiful blogger templates here. Along with this there are a lot of good tools such as metatag generator, key word density checker, website speed testing tools, favicon generator etc. You will get your answers related to all of your queries related to your blog especially for those who do blogging at, this is awesome site. great site for bloggers updated daily. You will get useful blogging tips whether you are a newbie or professional blogger. You will get to know basics to be followed, how to do promotion, step by step guide to SEO. Do visit this site to learn something new every day. is a good site specially for those who wants to customize their blog.A lot of widgets,templates,plugins and tips on how you can customize your blog.You can use these to give a new refreshing look to your blog.It also gives some tips and tricks to make blogging fun and successful. unique site as there are youtube tutorials also to help you learn faster.Some really quality tips on SEO and promotion on blogging forums,social media.I found their forum quite impressive in terms of navigation and driving traffic to your blog. nicely designed site with handy tips regarding blogging.Worth your time.Take a took at this also.
So have a look on these sites if you are eager to make your blogging a profitable one.And remember blogging demands patience. Be patient, stick to the basics and the success is yours.

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