Monday, January 9, 2012

Top5 torrent client for Android

Most of the people are having an android device today. This is obvious due to large no of apps available on it. Android Market is the second largest app store. Apple’s iTunes is having the highest collection of apps but the growth of iTunes is slower than Android Market and recently Android market crossed the landmark of 400,000 apps so Android Market will be the largest app store soon. Torrent client is must have for an Android. Android Market is having lots of torrent clients that lets you download torrent files and to take full advantage of your unlimited data plan. Here is the Top5 Torrent client for your Android.
1. tTorrent-This is the undisputed no.1 torrent client in Market. You can download multiple torrents at a time, magnet link is supported and you can search torrents through it also. This is the fastest torrent client available on android devices. The best feature of tTorrent is user interface. Its UI is eye-catching.
2. aDownloader-Another awesome torrent client for android. Speed wise it is equal to tTorrent sometimes I feel it is providing more speed than aDownloader. All the basic features of torrent clients are in it. Magnet link support, torrent search engine, multiple downloads, upload and download speed limits. Its UI is ok nothing fancy in UI.
3. aTorrent-This torrent client is loaded with lots of features. Along with the basic features, you can download parts of your torrent, option to pause torrents when there is no external power supply, you can select downloading folder. It is having nice speed with normal UI.
4. Rutracker Download-Another Torrent client with really cool UI. Some of my friends are reporting it as the fastest torrent downloader. It is also loaded with tons of features. All the major torrent search engines are there in it, partial torrent download, multiple downloads. If you are bored with our old torrent client then it is worth a try.
 5. Redtorrent-This is just about an average torrent client. It is having a lot of problems on my android, sometimes download speed goes very slow, some forceclose also. Better alternatives are available in Android Market. It is having basic features like multiple downloading, downloading on WiFi only etc.
All the torrent clients are listed above are free of cost. You can give them a try. Personally I would recommend you to go for tTorrent or aDownloader.


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